Setting The Stage

A Team Patrick Exclusive Program to Showcase Property

In a beauty contest, the prettiest girl wins! Today’s real estate  market is very much like a beauty contest!

Since most prospective buyers will view all of the properties that meet their specific criteria, a well-staged home will have a distinct advantage over other competing listings. When homes are well-presented, buyers are more likely to pay fair market value. In addition, a “Showcase” home is far more likely to sell within a reasonable amount of time, accumulating fewer days on the market.
Clients of Team Patrick are provided with professional recommendations as their properties are prepared for the market. Our marketing team conducts a final staging of the property prior to the home being photographed. In addition, some of our clients elect to  participate in an exclusive Team Patrick program called “Setting The Stage”. The program provides sellers with the opportunity to appoint their home with beautiful floral arrangements throughout the entire marketing period. This optional program enables clients to select from a variety of floral  accessories  to  complement  and enhance  the staging of their home.
A “showcased” home that features designer touches and elegant appointments will ultimately hold greater value and sell more expeditiously. Contact us for more details about the “Setting The Stage” program.

How to add value to your home in the most cost-effective way...

In preparing a home for the market, a fresh coat of neutral paint can provide an excellent return for the cost invested. In addition, if carpeting is stained, dated or worn, replacing it with neutral off-white carpeting can completely elevate the appearance of the home.   Home staging can be accomplished on many different levels. Some investments reap much more than their costs, while others will never be recovered. Our experience in marketing homes enables us to help our clients make wise decisions. 


Well-staged homes often include a well-placed vase of flowers, green plants, accent pieces  o sculpture and well planned lighting – all adding to the attractiveness of the home in subtle, soft-spoken ways.
Curb Appeal:  Key in Attracting Potential Buyers!

First impressions are lasting ones. Curb  appeal is a key factor in attracting potential buyers. For this reason, it is very important to have the exterior of your home be as well-prepared as the interior. Pay particular attention to front entryways by mulching flower beds and gardens, giving a fresh, attractive appearance to your home. Be certain that the front door, entryway and porches are clean or freshly painted.  Consider seal coating the driveway if it has not been done recently.